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So, what happens next at Hagrid’s party? Let’s find out..
-Mr. Slymme

Hagrid: Party ‘Til the Sun Goes Down Part 2

By Mr. Slymme

Behind the red door, Hagrid saw the four founders of Haogwarts, right where he had left them. Though by now, Slytherin seemed to have passed out from drinking too much and Gryffindor was not far behind. The two ladies, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, looked slightly bored with it all.

Hagrid stepped over the prostrate Slytherin and stood before the ladies.

“Evening ter ya both. I see your friends are a bit indisposed, so per’aps you’ll allow me to entertain ya?”

Both of them giggled and nodded to Hagrid.

“Swell. Well, I’m sure you both ‘ave ‘eard of the sword of Gryffindor? Now you get to experience the club of ‘Agrid.”

With that, Hagrid dropped his trousers and both founders gasped.

“Right, yer lookin’ mighty peckish.”

Hagrid grabbed Hufflepuff, threw up her robes, pushed her back and impaled her upon his massive cock. As Hagrid rode her, Ravenclaw stroke his hairy arse.

“Oh, yes, yes…,” Hufflepuff screamed.

“Cor, yer a ‘ot one. Ten points to ‘Ufflepuff!”

After several minutes of rhythmic fucking. Hagrid snorted and covered Hufflepuff with a liter of cum. Then he turned towards Ravenclaw.

“Yer next.”

She did not have time to utter a word, only to gasp as she found herself being split in two by Hagrid’s enormous cock.

“Yes, fuck me, you giant! Fuck me like no one else!”
“I’m tryin’…uh… my best…uh…, luv.”

Hufflepuff looked over, exhausted, and watched Hagrid pound away.

“Hurry up with her, Hagrid. I want another go.”

“Cor, you ladies…uh…will be…will be…oh fuck yeah!!!”

Hagrid squirted his love juice all over Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Then he flicked so off on Slytherin. He spent another 30 minutes satisfying both ladies. After that, he staggered out of the room, into a green door and came across the Weasley twins banging Hermione at both ends. George, or perhaps it was Fred, was poking her fanny, and Fred, or maybe George, was letting Hermione swallow his prick.

“Keep up the good work, lads.”

“Will do, Hagrid,” they both shouted.

Hermione tried to smile, but it was difficult with a dick between her cheeks.

Hagrid wandered through all the rooms. He found Dumbledore with McGonigal and joined in for a bit. Moaning Myrtle was there, but she was still alive and it seemed the younger Hagrid was making sure she enjoyed it. Her moans filled the air as his cock slid into her gently. Then she started to shout as he picked up speed.

Finally, Hagrid came across Filch and Mrs. Norris.

“Bloody ‘ell, man! You fuck cats?”

“She was all over me. What was I supposed to do?” Filch countered.

“I guess ya do like a bit o’ pussy. Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Hagrid looked at the clock. The day was coming to an end and so was his party. He knew it was one that no one would ever forget, and no one would ever surpass. He picked up a glass of punch, raised it to the Room of Requirement and said, “Thanks fer all yer ‘elp. S’fuckin’ great!”

The room showed a giant smile and then returned everyone to their proper times.
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