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It’s the summer solstice and Hagrid is having a party…and you are all invited. This is the first tale and its up to you to supply what happens next. So write some smut, as long or as short as you’d like, and be part of the celebration.
-Mr. Slymme

Hagrid: Party ‘Til the Sun Goes Down

By Mr. Slymme

Hagrid stood in front of his mirror adjusting his tie. The Lavender Lads sang eagerly on the record to set the mood. Hagrid turned from side to side, looking himself over. It was an important day since he was hosting the greatest party that Hogwarts had ever known. When he was satisfied with his figure, he stepped out into the sunlight. It was the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. What better day to be making merry?

As Hagrid trudged over the grounds of the school, he thought about how, on the solstice, there used to be virgin sacrifices. He hoped there would be some tonight, but with a slight difference. There would be stabbing and blood and screams, but nobody would die and everybody would want to do it again.

Hagrid entered the school and wandered the hallways. It was fairly quiet in the summer, with only a handful of the teachers and Filch about, but that would not be a problem. As Hagrid walked past a wall, he thought about the party he wanted to have. He stopped, turned around and walked back, thinking harder. Then he stopped, turned around, and there was a door.

“Ah, the Room of Requirement. Right on cue.”

Hagrid opened the door and looked at the spacious room. There were lights, music, pillows, rugs, benches, party streamers, food tables and several doors leading to other rooms. Hagrid unrolled some parchment from his jacket and stuck it on the outside of the door. He read it over again to make sure it was proper.

“Hear ye, hear ye, one and all. Open this door and come to my ball(s). Do not be scared and do not delay, for this party stops with the end of this day.”

“S’right room. Make sure only the best people for me party see that. Let it be seen throughout yer existence. Oh and ‘ere’s a guest list of VIPs.”

Hagrid unrolled another parchment from his jacket and slid it in a slit on the door. Then he closed the entry, clapped his hands once, breathed deeply and waited.

Within a few moments, the door re-opened and in walked Hagrid, though it was his much younger self, from when he had attended Hogwarts as a student. Hagrid went over to greet himself.

“Welcome, lad. I’m you, or at least will be. Glad you could make it. I knew you’d be first. I did look quite ‘andsome when I was yer age, didn’t I? Well, come in, come in.”

“No lasses yet?” the younger Hagrid asked dejectedly as he looked about.

“We jes opened fer business. Give it time and ‘ave some crisps.”

The door re-opened and a group of young girls curiously looked inside.

“Well, come in, ladies, come in. Welcome. I’m ‘Agrid and this is, uh, ‘Agrid also.”

“Pleased ta meet’cha.”

The girls slowly walked in. One of them said that she had never noticed the door before. Another came right over to the senior Hagrid and hugged him.

“You look a bit older, what happened to you?”

Hagrid looked down and his smiled grew, as well as his cock.

“Lily! My little Lil! I’m so glad to see ya. Ah, you look jes’ like I remember you from your school days. Did James come with you?”

Lily looked a bit confused.

“What do you mean, ‘I look how you remember?’ I just saw you yesterday. And why would I be doing anything with James Potter? He is such a prat. Though his friend Lupin is fairly cute.”

“I’ll explain later. Why don’t you ladies go with me young friend ‘ere?”

Young Hagrid escorted all the ladies to one of the side rooms and brought them some drinks. Then he closed the door and after a few moments, there were shrieks of delight.

Hagrid stared at the closed door with a smile and muttered, “That will be a grand memory.”

The front door continued to open as new people arrived. Dumbledore wandered in, followed by Filch. Harry, Hermione and Ron from what Hagrid guessed was their fifth year came through. The Weasley twins, George and Fred, were not far behind. Hagrid was surprised to see the original founders, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, come in. He brought them mulled wine in gold goblets and led them to a special room. He knew he was going to fuck a founder tonight.

Even though Hagrid liked greeting his guests as they arrived, he felt as if he was missing his own party. Just then, a small man appeared, clad in some fancy dress robes.

“I will handle the door for you, sir. You may enjoy your function.”

Hagrid smiled as the Room of Requirement came to his aid again. He thanked the doorman and started his rounds. From room to room he wandered, greeting guests, grabbing arses, and snogging from time to time.

Across the room, Hagrid saw a young man, who looked familiar. Scanning the room, he saw three other young men, who he also recognized. He called them together.

“Evening lads. I’m yer ‘ost, ‘Agrid. ‘Ave you lads ever met before?”

The young men looked at each other and shook their heads.

“S’right. Yer all different years at ‘Ogwarts, but I bet ya all like ta play music.”

They all nodded in agreement.

“Well, come with me, I’m sure I ‘ave some instruments round ‘ere.”

Hagrid made sure to say that last part loudly. Then he opened a side door and there was a room full of every type of instrument and four outfits, all in lavender.

“Give it a try, Lads. I think you’d do well together.”

As the four youths picked up an outfit and examined the musical items, Hagrid wiped a slight tear from his eye.

Then he heard some recognizable voices on one of the high back divans. He peeked around and saw Harry talking to Lily. It made Hagrid tear up even more for a moment.

“Your name is Lily? That was my mother’s name.”

“Really? Was she beautiful too, like me?”

“Yes, she was very beautiful…almost as beautiful as you.”

Lily blushed slightly.

“Maybe you won’t think so when I meet her.”

Harry looked down.

“She’s dead. She was murdered when I was a baby.”

“Oh, how terribly sad.”

“Yes. It was. Both of my parents were killed and I was raised by a family that hated me.”

“You’ve had such a hard life,” Lily said, as she put her arm around Harry, pulling him closer.

Harry nuzzled his head on her shoulder, looking down her blouse at her cleavage.

“My life has been hard. I’ve faced death many times and even saw my godfather killed.”

“Oh, you poor boy.”

“Yes,” Harry whispered as he looked into Lily’s eyes. She could see the lust there and she liked it. They kissed deeply and Harry’s hand made its way up her blouse and caressed her tits.

Hagrid thought he should say something, but decided that it was just that type of party. So he stood behind a drape as he watched Harry pull up Lily’s skirt. Then Harry pulled down his trousers and Lily breathed in as her future son entered her.

Hagrid whispered, “’Ere now, Room, can you record this fer later viewing in a pensieve?”

Just then Hagrid saw a giant eye appear out of the ceiling, and it winked at him. Then Lily cried out in orgasm. She was followed very closely by Harry, who came into the very womb that would birth him.

By now, Hagrid’s cock was as stiff as it ever was and he went off to find a good way to relieve the mounting pressure. He came to a red door and opened it.

(What happens behind the red door? Who else is at the party? And who are they shagging? It’s your turn now.)
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