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Season’s Greetings from Mr. Slymme to all the lovers of Hagrid’s Cock and to my very special friends. (And you know who you are.)

-Mr. Slymme

A Hagrid Christmas

By Mr. Slymme

T’was the night before Christmas
and in his big chair,
Hagrid was sitting
and checking his hair.

His beard was as white
as the new fallen snow,
with some help from a potion
he drank minutes ago.

Hagrid dressed all in red
and put on his hat.
He petted old Fang
and picked up his sack

“I’m orf to the school
ta spread Christmas cheer.
Won’t be an hour,
so ya bes’ wait ‘ere.”

Students staying through holiday
were in the great hall.
There were Slytherins, Gryffindors,
Hufflepuffs and Ravensclaws.

They were all eating,
enjoying their food,
as the teachers looked on.
How gay was their mood.

Dumbledore nodded and
Professor Sprout smiled.
Then she stood up
and walked down the aisle.

She went outside
to see if Hagrid had come.
He was bent over his pack
and she stared at his bum.

“Well, I’m ready ‘ere, Sprout,
might as well begin.
I’ve got gifts for the kiddies,
So best to go in.”

But Sprout stepped before him,
his way she did block.
She reached down his pants
and grabbed onto his cock.

“Oh, Father Christmas,
please don’t get mad,
but I’ve been very good
and I want you so bad.”

Hagrid looked down at Sprout,
brownish from dirt,
he gave her a wink
and started to flirt.

She ran her hands over
his red, fur-lined suit,
as he grabbed her tits
and kissed her to boot.

She pulled down his pants.
He threw up her skirts.
And in less than a moment
she was impaled on his dirk.

Meanwhile Dumbledore,
concerned by the wait,
got up from his chair,
leaving toffee on his plate.

When from out of the hall
arose such a clatter,
he sprang with his wand
to see what was the matter.

He threw open the doors,
tossed back his robes,
called out “Lumos”
and shone a bright globe.

And what to his wondering eyes
should appear?
But the enormous, hairy sight
of Hagrid’s own rear.

Hagrid humped away at Sprout,
who moaned out in joy,
‘till they both opened their eyes
and saw all the girls and the boys.

Hagrid started to cum.
It was indeed quite a sight
And he hollered “oh-Merry-uh-fuckin’-Christmas to all.
And sod off with that light!”
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