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When it comes to sex, Hagrid can’t be match by neither man nor beast…or can he?
-Mr. Slymme

Hagrid’s Puppy Love

Hagrid rolled over and sat up on the side of his bed. He glanced behind him at the smiling, naked form of Luna. After three hours of non-stop sex, Hagrid was a bit peckish.

“Now I know whys they calls ya Lovegood.”

Luna merely kept smiling as she stared off somewhere beyond the ceiling.

“My father should write a story about your cock for The Quibbler,” she remarked at last.

“Er, right,” Hagrid said and then got up to make tea.

He put an apron over his naked bulk and placed a kettle on to boil. His record of the Lavender Lads was coming to its last song. Hagrid always tried to finish before the last song. He liked making love to a soundtrack, and was sometimes lost without his music. He started to reach for the tea and some mugs when he heard Luna sit up in the bed. Hagrid turned to her and watched her look out of his window.

“It’s so beautiful, Hagrid.”

“What is, dear?”

“The moon. So full and bright. I’m named after it, you know.”

“Right, luv.”

Hagrid found himself staring at Luna’s bum. It was a very nice, round rear. Fairly close to perfect by Hagrid’s standards, and he had seen many. Hagrid was always attracted to a girl by her eyes. Her hair or face might get his attention, but it was her eyes that drew him in. And then, after that, it was her arse that he found most stimulating. He enjoyed breasts, in their various sizes and softness, but there was something about a good, smooth bottom. Hagrid watched Luna’s rear as it wiggled slightly in the moonlight. Then he felt a sharp pain on his side. Turning around, Hagrid realized he had leaned too close to the stove.

“Fuck,” he muttered as he reached for some dragon fat to try to sooth the burn.

While occupied with his injury, Hagrid failed to notice the slight sound of toenails clicking across the floor and then the whompf of his dog, Fang, jumping on the bed. Fang started to sniff Luna’s arse and then her fanny. It smelled pretty interesting to his canine muzzle and so he entered her with his tongue and lapped away at her pussy juices.

“Oh, Hagrid,” she moaned, “you have such a great tongue. I love it when you lick me.”

“Glad to ‘ear it, luv.”

“Ohhh, how can you talk so well, ohhhh, when you, ohhh, when you…are eating me?”

Hagrid knew Luna was a bit odd, but this put him off slightly. He turned towards her and discovered Fang between her legs. He was about to yell and throw Fang down, but he stopped himself. He did not want to scare Luna, especially since she did not seem to notice who was eating her out.

“Ohhhh, more, morrrrrreee…ohhhhhhhh,” Luna squealed as she came.

Fang had a pretty good stiffy by this time and jumped up on Luna’s back, mounting her. His red dick easily slid into her dripping fanny. Luna sucked in her breath and Hagrid watched as Fang merrily humped away.

“Yes, oh yes, oh Hagrid, yes, faster,” Luna panted along with Fang.

Hagrid felt his cock grow larger at every hump and every scream Luna made.

“Oh Hagrid, it is wonderful…looking out at the moon with you making love to me. And your whiskers tickle me. Oh, say my name.”

Fang growled in her ear.

“Oh, you can hardly talk…and neither…can…Iiiiii”

Luna screamed out her orgasm and Fang kept on fucking her.

“Ooooh, more…more…”

“Sure thing luv,” Hagrid called out from the stove as he tended to the tea.

Fang started to lick Luna’s ear. She laughed and reached up, grabbing his head.

“Mmmm, your chin is so hairy. You’ll have to shave…you…naughty….boy….oooo.”

Luna came again as Fang started to yelp in her ear. Then Fang let loose and came inside Luna. It took him a while before he could pull out and dog spunk dripped down her legs.

“That was wonderful.”

“Well, I ain’t finished yet, luv,” Hagrid said as he tore off his apron and tossed Fang off the bed.

Fang’s show was too much for Hagrid to resist. He plunged his enormous cock into Luna as far as he could and tried to match Fang’s hump for speed and ferocity. Again and again Hagrid slammed his cock into her. Her face started to hit the glass of the window as she looked out over the moonlit grounds.

“Hagrid, I’m cumming again…I don’t think I can take anymore.”

“You’ll be fine, luv, just as soon as I…as I…as…oh shit. Yeh.”

Hagrid came into Luna and she collapsed on the bed in a heap. Hagrid got up, looked at Fang and patted his head. Then he started to pour the tea.

Luna lay there in a sticky, warm puddle of mixed cum and couldn’t have been happier.
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