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Hagrid a Death Eater? How can this be? Times are changing and the Order of the Phoenix is not as glamorous as some might think.
-Mr. Slymme

Hagrid the Death Eater

By Mr. Slymme

Hagrid stood outside, under a streetlamp. The light could not illuminate all of him, so his head, and most of his upper body stood in the shadows of the night. Gray clouds floated above, covering the crescent moon. There was a sound of muffled footsteps approaching. A hooded figure moved in the blackness.

“Nice night fer a walk, eh luv?”

The figure stopped and pulled out a wand instantly.

“Won’t be needin’ that, Bella.”

Bellatrix LeStrange removed her hood and stepped into the light, her wand pointed directly at Hagrid’s heart.

“C’mon dear, don’t ya know that’ll just tickle.”

“Oh we shall see, won’t we half-breed? And then the Dark Lord will reward me for eliminating another fool from the Order.”

“’Fore ya do that, and get yer Dark Lord in a tizzy, per’aps you should look at this?”

Hagrid rolled up his sleeve. Bellatrix, sensing a ruse, carefully peered down at the massive arm and what she saw confounded her. There, staring back at her, was a skull.

“The dark mark!?” she gasped.

“S’right, innit.”

“But how…it is a trick…the Dark Lord would never…”

“No trick, luv. The Dark Lord recruited me when he asked the other giants ter join ‘im. Asked me to stay at ‘Ogwarts a while, ‘e did, until the time were ripe.”

“But he never told me…”

“I don’t think ‘e told anybody. But ‘e told me to meet wit’ ya, fer ‘e seems ter trust ya.”

“Of course the Dark Lord trusts me. He trusts no one more.”

“What I figgered, luv.”

“How can I be sure you speak the truth?”

“Well, there’s the mark, innit? And if ya read the Prophet tomorra’, you’ll most likely see a story of wild beasts running loose at ‘Ogwarts. Raised ‘em and let ‘em out meself. Some blast-ended skrewts, crazed threstrals, a horn-tailed dragon…oh there’ll be the devil to pay fer all of ‘em.”

Bellatrix studied Hagrid closely. She was trying to discern the truth from his shadowy, hair covered face. She tried to use occlumency, but Hagrid seemed proof against her spell.

“Ya know, the Dark Lord said you’d be serspicious, but ‘e never said ‘ow lovely you were.”

“Don’t try to flatter me, lying half-breed.”

“Never try to flatter ya. But I have a good eye fer beautiful ladies…not to mention something else.”

“Something else…?”

Hagrid pulled up his trousers slightly, reveling a fairly large and long bulge.

“Yeh, but I can’t show ya here. Don’t want to get pinched me first night out as a Death Eater. Maybe if we went somewheres more…private?”

Bellatrix was unsure of herself. The Dark Lord would have told her if he was sending someone to meet her, especially someone from the Order. But then again, the Dark Lord was still angry over the destruction of his prophecy at the Ministry of Magic. She did not trust Hagrid, but at the same time, she felt drawn to him. She had heard the rumors when she went to school at Hogwarts. Perhaps she could have her way with him and then kill him? She thought there would be no harm in that.

“Come this way, and stay out of sight,” she finally said.

Bellatrix covered her head with her hood. Hagrid did his best to blend his hulking frame in with the night. They walked near an inn and Hagrid stopped.

“Why not ‘ere, Bella? This is a nice place.”

“I refuse to go to a place you suggest. We continue.”

They walked for a while and finally stopped at another inn, much seedier than the first. They went in the front door and the man behind the desk looked up.

“Hagrid, welcome back. Your usual room?”

“Er, um…,” Hagrid cast a glance at the hooded Bellatrix.

She stared at him in exasperation.

“Er, no, thanks, Bertie, something on the top…”

“No,” countered Bellatrix.



“Er, first floor.”

There was no further argument, so Bertie looked from Hagrid to his companion and then turned around and found the key he was looking for.

“Here you go, Hagrid, 103. I’ll just send you the bill, as always.”

“Right, thanks Bertie. C’mon me darling.”

Hagrid lead Bellatrix up one flight to room 103. The room was not very large and the bed was a bit smaller than Hagrid, but it would do.

“Well, sweets, ya want a drink…or some music?”

“I have no time to waste,” countered Bellatrix, and then she stormed over and tore open Hagrid’s shirt.

“Oi, me best one too!”

Bellatrix immediately bit into Hagrid’s stomach.

“Yer-owch, yer a feisty one,” Hagrid said as he grabbed her and threw her across the room, onto the bed.

He took off the remainder of his shirt and kicked off his trousers. Bellatrix righted herself on the bed and froze when she saw Hagrid’s enormous cock coming towards her. Hagrid grabbed her in one massive hand and tore off her robes with his other. Bellatrix struggled to break his grip as he pulled her breasts to his mouth and started to suck on them.

“Put me down, beast.”

“Aw, no. Yer one of them that likes a master, ain’t ya. I’m calling the shots tonight, bitch.”

Hagrid tossed her roughly back on the bed, then he held down her arms and shoved his cock into her fanny. Bellatrix screamed as her pussy felt like it was being torn in two.


“’Oo’s yer master, bitch…’oo? Say it…say it!!”

“You are…master.”

“S’right,” said Hagrid as he repeatedly rammed his prick into Bellatrix.

She screamed and moaned and eventually she came.

“That’s the way, me luv. Now, get on top…”

“But, I couldn’t…”

“You do what I tell ya!”

Hagrid rolled onto his back and forcibly dropped Bellatrix onto his cock again and again. Sweat had started to pour down both of them. Bellatrix was groaning over and over. Hagrid kept switching positions with her. He mounted her from behind, he got back on top, he rolled around with her, finally he was sitting on the edge of the bed, crushing it, and she was bouncing up and down on as much of his cock as she could. She then started to lick the sweat off of him and moved her tongue all over his body. She finally came to his arm with the dark mark and licked it. Hagrid looked down and saw the black stain on her tongue and his mark had become greatly smudged.

“Oh fuck…,” he yelled.

“Yes, fuck me, my master, fuck me like the Dark Lord cannot.”

Hagrid got behind her again and thought, “those fucking Weasley prats told me this thing was waterproof.” Then Hagrid had another thought, “the Felix Felicis must have worn off too.”

Hagrid’s mind quickly raced back. Ever since the death of Sirius Black at the hands of his cousin, Bellatrix LeStrange, Hagrid had wanted revenge. Snape had said it would be foolish to try, since Bellatrix was deadly with her spells. Hagrid had thought his tough half-giant body would protect him and just wanted to know how to find her. Snape said he could not just attack her. He would have to wait until she was unsuspecting and perhaps exhausted. Even if her spells could not harm Hagrid, she was still dangerous. That’s when Hagrid got an idea. He could lull her into a sense of false security and then shag her until she was too tired to resist. Then he would break her neck, crush her or perhaps try suffocation, his magic not being what it should be. Snape said that she would be too suspicious and offered a bottle of Felix Felicis to aid him in finding her and increasing her libido. Then Hagrid went to Weaslys’ Wizard Wheezes and saw Fred and George in order to get a fake dark mark.

Now Hagrid humped away at Bellatrix, trying to hide the smeared mark on his arm. She came several more times before Hagrid finally let loose and covered her in warm spunk. As Bellatrix slowly crawled on the bed, sore, but happy, Hagrid got up and wiped his brow against his arm. He figured this would be the best time to kill her. Bellatrix looked at him, smiling. That is, until she saw the black smear running across his forehead. Then she looked down at his arm and saw the dark mark was now a dark streak.

“Accio wand,” she yelled and her wand flew across the room from her robes.

“Shit,” Hagrid yelped, jumped out of the bed and broke through the door into the hall.

Hagrid ran naked down the stairs, past Bertie and into the street. Bellatrix, equally naked, chased him, sending hexes at his enormous bum. Bertie thought this might be something the Ministry would be interested in and contacted them.

As Hagrid ran down the street, Bellatrix yelled, “Crucio,” sending bolts of light from her wand into Hagrid’s arse. Though not as painful as she would have meant it, he still could feel it. Just as Hagrid started to fling himself over a wall, a robed man appeared with a loud “crack.”

The man held out his wand and shouted, “Ministry of Magic…put down your wand.”

Bellatrix turned on him and cast a hex in his direction. He countered it and then two more men appeared.

“Bugger,” Bellatrix mumbled, and then slightly turned and was gone.

Hagrid, breathing heavily, looked over the wall. When it seemed he was safe, he caught his breath and then returned to the hotel.

“Alright, Hagrid?” Bertie inquired as he looked at Hagrid’s, sweaty, ink-smeared head.

“Alright, Bertie, alright,” said a naked Hagrid, who was trying to appear nonchalant. “Er, that time of the month fer ‘er, innit?”

“I guess so, sir.”

“Well, I’ll be getting me things…sorry about the mess.”

“Not to worry.”

Hagrid went back to the room and found that his clothes, as well as Bellatrix’s were gone.

“That bitch apparated here and took me clothes!”

There was a note on the bed though. Hagrid picked it up and read it, “You fucked me and now I have fucked you. –BL”

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