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Hagrid’s in a bit of a drought I’m afraid, and he’s looking for a new bush to use his hose on.
-Mr. Slymme

Honky Tonk Hagrid

By Mr. Slymme

Hagrid sat in his favorite chair, absent-mindedly scratching Fang’s head. He stared into his mug of tea as his “Ministry of Mayhem” record played on. He had been experiencing a bit of a dry spell it seemed. School was not yet in session and Professor McGonagall had been called away to attend some type of conference with Dumbledore. (Which was highly suspicious to Hagrid.) The centaurs had not been too happy to have Hagrid wandering about their part of the forest, and even the Hogsmeade Whore had been quarantined after her last client turned out to be highly contagious with a new disease that turned one blue and caused one to expel some marmalade-like substance.

Of course, there was always Tonks. She was a member of the Order of the Phoenix, and an auror, but her main asset was that she was a metamorphmagus and could change her appearance at will.

“Think of it Fang. It’d be like shagging a different bird each night.”

Fang gave a contented growl in response. Trouble was, Tonks never seemed to pay that much mind to Hagrid. She was always nice to him and even joked around, but she had never shown the slightest interest in his greatest asset…his enormous cock.

“Doesn’t make any fucking sense. I ‘ear them girls telling ‘er all about it. ‘Ermione, went on and on t’other night. Even Ginny had ‘er say. But nothing. ‘Ere now, perhaps that should be me project? I’ll get a piece of Tonks ‘fore the summer’s through.”

Hagrid went about trying to decide how to woo Tonks. He would constantly compliment her and would sometimes accidentally rub against her. Her even brought her flowers once in a while, though he made sure to bring flowers for the other ladies he knew. No point in someone getting jealous.

Then Hagrid invited several members of the Order to a night out. After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was gaining in strength, and there was no telling who may or may not be alive in the coming weeks. They went to the “Wizzing Witch,” a semi-popular pub in Diagon Alley. There was some dancing to a fairly ruddy band and a lot of drinks. Hagrid, taking up most of the floor, danced with Molly Weasley, since her husband was not there, and with Tonks who sported a blonde bob. Sirius Black had used a Polyjuice potion from Professor Snape to alter his appearance. The potion worked very well. Unfortunately, Snape had used it to transform Sirius into a one-armed, 60-stone woman. Remus Lupin sat with him, trying to cheer him up. As the night wore on, Tonks sat at the bar, tossing a few glances towards Remus, and getting a drink. Hagrid sidled up next to her and ordered one too.

“Alright, Tonks?”

“Wotcher, Hagrid.”

“’Aving a bit of fun, are ya?”

“Oh yes. This is just what I needed.”

“Been lonely?”

Tonks looked towards Remus again, and said, “Well, it’s just been all work lately. Must be ready all the time. The only good part is I’ll get to finally meet Harry.”

“Yeh. ‘Arry’s a good lad. Got a bit of ‘is father in ‘im. Must be ‘ard fer ya, though. Yer young an’ all, and yet, you’ve got to be facing life-‘r-death situations each day.”

“It won’t work.”

“What, luv?”

“This…it won’t work. You’re not getting shagged tonight.”

“Er, well, I wasn’t really expectin’ ta.”

“Piss off. You’ve been trying to fuck me all week.”

“Alright, it’s true, but can ya blame me? I mean you’re a very beautiful bird.”

“Yeah, and I’ve heard all about you. Hermione just went on and on about having it on with you. But I’m not going to be one of your conquests, just to be discarded afterwards.”

“Ya got me all wrong. I never discard any of me luvs. Shag’em and leave’em might work for some blokes, but not fer me. Each woman is a treasure, to be honored and respected.”

Tonks looked a Hagrid.

“You’re full of shit. But you are good at it.”

“No luv, that’s not ‘ow it is. Listen to the others. Did ‘Ermione regret her time with me? Ginny? I’ve got regular visits from Minerva, you know.”

Tonks studied Hagrid as she finished her drink.

“Alright. I’ll give you a chance. I’ve been curious to put the rumors to the test. And ‘sides, I’ve got a thing for older, hairy men.”

“Great, sweets…let’s get out of ‘ere.”

Tonks and Hagrid made their way out of Diagon Alley and back to Tonks’ flat. It appeared that her muggle father’s messy habits had rubbed off on her. She offered Hagrid a drink, but he declined. Hagrid did feel a bit awkward, since he usually would put on a record to enhance the mood, but he did not see any records among the clutter.

“’Ere, ya got any tunes?”

“Think I’ve got some ‘Weird Sisters’ by the couch.”

Hagrid found a record under one of her pillows. He did not fancy the Weird Sisters, but it was better than nothing. Hagrid placed the record on the turntable that her found beneath a sweater and started to play it. Then he took Tonks’ hand and began to dance with her. His footfalls echoed throughout the flat.

“Why don’t ya use yer first name, Nymphadora?”

“Are you having me on? It’s horrible.”

“I think it’s rather beautiful. Very lyrical. Nymphadora.”

“Could you please not use it?”

“Very well, me luvly. You dance divinely.”

“Thanks. So do you, surprisingly.”

“Me dad taught me.”

They danced for a few more minutes.

“Aren’t we going to fuck?” Tonks finally said.

“No rush, luv. I don’t just poke a fanny and scarper. I like ter savor beautiful women, like a good tea.”

Hagrid leaned down and kissed Tonks as his hand made its way down her back to her bum. Rhythmically he rubbed her as he ground his swelling member into her chest. Tonks reached around and started to knead Hagrid’s cock through his trousers.

“Mmm, that’s nice, luv. Per’aps ya want easier access?”

Hagrid undid his trousers and let them fall to the ground. His enormous cock sprang forward, almost smashing Tonks in the face.

“What do you know,” Tonks giggled, “the girls were spot on after all.”

Tonks took Hagrid’s cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Slowly she sucked on the emerging head. Hagrid closed his eyes and enjoyed it. He was a tad surprised when she fit the full head in her mouth. He had to open one eye when he felt her lips moving down his shaft. He looked down in awe when he felt her tongue lick his plums as she swallowed his entire prick.

“Cor, you’re fucking amazing, Nymphy.”

Tonks would have told Hagrid to not call her that, but her mouth and throat were a bit full. Slowly she withdrew from his throbbing club, massaging it as she went. Hagrid then picked her up and carried her to the bed, kicking some knickers and a jacket out of the way. Hagrid finished undressing as Tonks pulled off her shirt, revealing her perky breasts with very pointy nipples. Hagrid took one in his mouth and sucked on it. He could swear that the breast was growing with each passing moment.

Tonks then removed the rest of her clothes and pushed Hagrid on his back. She climbed on top and slowly lowered herself onto his cock. It was a tight fit at first, but Tonks’ face seemed to concentrate and then she slid down fairly easily. And she kept sliding. And sliding until she was fully impaled upon him. Hagrid almost choked on his own spit. Only Madame Maxine, or someone of her size, could ever take him fully. Hagrid was guessing his cock must be half way up Tonks’ esophagus, but she seemed to be content and comfortable as she rode him. Even more so, she seemed to be getting tighter and tighter with every bounce. Hagrid felt his cock being squeezed. Faster and faster Tonks fucked him. Her breathing increased and she started to scream out.

“Yes!! Oh yes!! Fuck me you bastard.”

“I’m tryin’ luv.”

As Tonks screamed, she shook her head side to side. With each sweep, her hair grew longer and darker. Once a blonde, she was now raven black, with tresses cascading down her quickly yellowing shoulders. Her gyrations increased and Hagrid could swear her fanny was massaging his cock. It was incredible. Tonks tits grew from a B-cup to a DD in mere moments. Her hair flashed red as she orgasmed. Then green as she screamed and came again.

“That’s it, luv. Let it all out. Oh shit. You let old Hagrid…fuck…give you…uhhh…give you…oh shit…I’m cumming.”

Hagrid let loose as Tonks pussy gripped his penis and siphoned out every last drop of cum. Tonks then rolled off of Hagrid with spunk dripping down her legs. They kissed a bit and rested side by side as their bodies cooled down. Soon they both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day, both of them went back to their regular lives. But when Tonks came home, she found a dozen mixed roses and the card said, “The night was wonderful, made more so by you. Here’s to many more. –H”
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