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When it comes to pets, Hagrid has a lot of them, and would not mind a bit more. But which pet is his favorite? Fang? Norbert? Might be a bit of a shock when you find out.

-Mr. Slymme

Hagrid’s Favorite Pet

By Mr. Slymme

Hagrid was making breakfast while The Bludgers screamed out the lyrics to “When I Catch that Snitch (I’ll Fuck Him Up Good).” His towering naked body swayed to the beat and his cock kept time to the song. Hagrid even sang a few lines.

“The snitch is loose…the snitch is loose …catch that mother fucker, the snitch is loose.”

As Hagrid started to poor his tea, Hedwig, Harry’s owl, arrived and dropped something on his table. As he picked it up, he saw it was an envelope addressed to “Rubeus Hagrid, Hogwarts School.” Tearing off one end, he slid out the letter within. It read, “Please come.”

Hagrid immediately got dressed. He then hurried over to Hogsmeade and stuck out his thumb. Instantly the Knight Bus came to a screeching halt as the conductor, Stan Shunpike leapt out.

“’Ello, ‘ello ‘Agrid. ‘Ow is my biggest chum faring?”

“Alright, alright, Stan,” Hagrid said as he squeezed into the bus, making it shift down to his side.

Just as Stan was hopping back aboard, a young boy came running up.

“Wait for me, please.”

“But of course, my pretty,” Stan said with a lascivious smile.

Hagrid gave Stan eleven sickles, but the boy realized he was two sickles short. The boy looked a bit worried.

“’Old on,” said Hagrid, “I think I’ve got two sickles for ya.”

“Oh, don’t you worry ‘bout that,” Stan said, “We ‘elp the youths when we can. Now you come upstairs with me little fella. I think I can ‘ave you do a thing or two to earn your fare.”

Stan started to massage the boys shoulders as he led him up the stairs, then he turned towards Hagrid, winked and said, “’Elps ‘em build character.”

Hagrid sat there and the bus did not move. After a moment he heard some muffled sounds from upstairs, then Stan’s head popped down from the ceiling, smiling.

“’Fore I ferget, where to?”

“Number Four, Privet Drive, Little Whinging.”

And BANG, the bus was off. Hagrid sat there, wrapped in his thoughts. The last time he was at Privet Drive was when he was bringing the infant Harry to Dumbeldore. He had misgivings of handing Harry over to the Dursleys. Of course, he had not made a good impression on the family when he went to fetch Harry and bring him to Hogwarts. He had actually put a pig’s tail on Harry’s cousin, Dudley. Hagrid chuckled at the memory. Within moments, Hagrid found himself getting off the bus. As he waved goodbye to Stan in an upper window, he noticed the boy who had gotten on with him no longer wore his robes. Then BANG, the Knight Bus was gone.

Hagrid just stood there, on the front path, looking at the little house. He was not sure what to do, but finally decided to just walk up to the front door. The grass was brownish, due to a heat wave and watering restrictions. There was a large hydrangea bush by the window. Hagrid screwed up his courage and knocked. After what seemed an eternity, the door opened.


Hagrid and Harry’s Aunt Petunia hugged. Hagrid lifted her up off the ground in his massive arms. She thought she would break in two, but he finally put her down.

“You came, you came…I wasn’t sure if you would…”

“Course I would, once I realized it was you, my lil’ Pet.”

Aunt Petunia realized that it would not do to have the neighbors seeing a giant of a man standing outside her front door, hugging her, so she brought him inside. Hagrid had a hard time squeezing through, but finally made it.

“Almost as tight as you, Pet.”

“Oh, Rubeus…”

“’Ere, is this the place where ‘Arry slept?”

Hagrid opened the door to the small closet beneath the stairs that had been Harry’s room for about 12 years.

“Cor, I couldn’t even get me cock head in this small space.”

“Would you…would you like some tea?”

“Nothing better to drink…unless it’s your sweet nectar.”

Aunt Petunia blushed and hurried into the kitchen. She poured the tea into two mugs as Hagrid, bent over, made his way to the table.

“Er, will these chairs ‘old?”

“Use Dudley’s, it’s been reinforced.”

Hagrid sat in Dudley’s chair. It groaned beneath him, but did not break.

“So, me Pet, what’s up?”

“Oh Rubeus…I don’t know where to start. I know it has been a very long time since I last saw you. I couldn’t let Vernon know about us when you came for the boy. But the years have not dulled my love for you, nor the pain in losing you. I know I swore to stay out of your life, and you mine, but things are changing and I am scared. I used the boy’s bird to send you a note, like he always does. Dementors were here, in Little Whinging. They attacked my Diddums.”

“Yeh, I ‘eard. Harry got inta a spot of trouble for using magic against ‘em”

“I remember what you told me about them when you were in that dreadful Azkaban.”

“It’s alright, sweetie. They’re gone now.”

“But they might come back. And it’s all because of…of…her boy.”

“There, there now Pet. ‘Arry’s a good lad…at least ‘e is when ‘e’s not acting like a prick. Bit of ‘is father in ‘im, I suspect.”

“Oh, that man…why couldn’t he have taken…her…far away. Why did I have to raise their son?”

“To tell the truth, I wasn’t so sure about letting yeh ‘ave ‘Arry…never liked your ‘usband.”

“Oh, Vernon’s a good man. He provides well for his family.”

“Well, I suspect Dumbledore knew that…and I’m sure it’s what Lil would have wanted.”

“It’s always been what she wanted…never what I wanted. I wanted you…and she took you away.”

“Now Pet…”

“No, it’s true. She had everything. Magic, our parent’s love, boyfriends…and all I ever asked her for was you. And she just laughed and took you away.”

They both sat there in silence, sipping their tea. Then Hagrid looked over at Aunt Petunia and said, “Remember our first time?”

“How could I ever forget?”

They both thought back. Lily had told Petunia about Hagrid, but Petunia would not believe the stories were true, until she saw him. So Lily had smuggled Hagrid into their house, past her parents. Petunia was sitting on the edge of her bed, holding her teddy bear, when Hagrid’s shaggy head popped in through the door.

“Alright, Lil’s sister? I’m Rubeus, but everyone calls me ‘Agrid”

As the rest of Hagrid squeezed through the doorframe, Petunia sucked in her breath. Lily came in smiling after Hagrid.

“I told you he was real.”

“As real as a centaur’s half-meter prick.”

Petunia almost fainted. Hagrid caught her and held her hand, which disappeared in his. She looked into his scraggly face and lost herself in his eyes. She felt flushed all over.

“And that’s not all,” shouted Lily as she pulled Hagrid’s pants down, revealing his enormous cock.

“’Ere, Lil, that’s a bit sudden.”

Petunia looked as his massive member and saw it grow in pulses. She reached out and took it in her hand. It was hard and warm. She started to stroke it.

“Oooh, you do that real nice, little lady.”

“My name’s Petunia.”

“Petunia, is it? Oooh. Lily and Petunia, two beautiful flowers. Well, my lil’ Pet, ooooh, time to deflower you.”

With that, Hagrid picked up Petunia and started to kiss her as he ran his hand beneath her blouse. He tore away her bra and squeezed her breasts. Petunia moaned in pleasure. She had never even allowed a boy to touch her breast through her sweater before. Lily bent over and started to suck on Hagrid’s cock. Hagrid picked Petunia up higher, accidentally smashing her face against the ceiling and pulled down her knickers with his teeth. Then he drove his tongue deep into Petunia’s pussy.

“Mmm, yer delicious Pet. Both of you sista’s have great taste.”

Petunia bit her lip to stop from crying out so her parents would not hear when her orgasm tore through her body. Then she looked down as Hagrid almost doubled over. He was moaning as loads of white, sticky liquid shot from his cock into Lily’s mouth and face.

“Cor, Lil, you suck cock better ‘n anyone. But I think it’s time that my new lil’ Pet had a chance with it.”

Hagrid dropped Petunia on her bed and pulled up her skirt. He tore away her blouse and started to suck on her nipples. Then, before she knew it, Petunia felt as if she was being torn in two as Hagrid’s cock made it’s way into her wet pussy. She yelped in pain as he broke through her hymen.

“What’s going on up there? Are you girls fighting again?” their father yelled up from downstairs.

“No dad,” Lily answered, “Petunia just…”

“Lost ‘er cherry,” Hagrid whispered between grunts.

“Stubbed her toe!”

Hagrid kept humping away at Petunia, and she was overcome by three orgasms. Hagrid was getting ready to cum himself when Lily stopped him.

“She doesn’t know magic. She can’t protect herself from getting pregnant by you.”

Hagrid looked at Petunia.

“Aww, that’s too bad. Though I wouldn’t mind a son…or a daughter.”

Hagrid pulled out of Petunia with a pop. As soon as he was off, Lily grabbed his wet, bloodied cock and shoved it in herself.

“I’m protected, so fuck me and fire away!”

Hagrid did not have to be told twice. He fucked Lily as Petunia watched longingly. Lily screamed into her pillow twice before Hagrid shot his load into and onto her.

All three laid on the floor, Hagrid with his arms around both their naked bodies. After a bit, Hagrid got up, got dressed and said, “Well, farewell my pretty flowers. Your nectar is as sweet as honey.”

Hagrid and Petunia found themselves in the present again, around the kitchen table at Number 4, Privet Drive.

“I wrote to you quite often after that. And you always wrote back. I saved all your parchments,” Petunia said as she opened a drawer full of scrolls, “Even after my sister said I couldn’t use her owl, I found ways of writing to you. She never brought you back here though. She forbade me to see you again. I hated her and never spoke her name again. She was jealous of what we had.”

Hagrid looked at Petunia. She looked quite a bit like Lily, though she had gotten larger over the years. But Hagrid had an affinity for large women.

“What do you mean ‘’ad’?”

Petunia looked at Hagrid. Her passion rose, more so when she saw the bulge in his pants, just slightly above the table. She stood up quickly, knocking over her chair and grabbed his hand. She dragged Hagrid up to the bedroom and fell on him, kissing him all over. Her hand found it’s way into his pants.

“I want you to fuck me until I can’t stand.”

Hagrid tore the clothes from both his and her bodies. He ran his hands up and down her naked form.

“Yer more beautiful than ever and more fiery then a blast-ended skrewt, my dear.”

Petunia grabbed Hagrid’s cock and took it in her mouth. She tried to swallow as much of it as she could. Then she started to laugh.

“What’s so funny, Pet?”

“Well, Vernon’s prick isn’t even as big as your pinky.”

“What, this one?” Hagrid said as he sunk his pinky into her moist pussy.

She gasped and moaned and, when she remembered that she did not have to keep her voice down, she screamed.

“Oh yes, you bastard, yes, that’s right, fill me as I suck your wonderful cock.”

It wasn’t long before all her shouting and sucking excited Hagrid to the point of no return. He came into her eager mouth and showered her in cum. She reveled in it. Then, Hagrid tossed her onto the bed and mounted her. He fucked her strong and steady.

“Yes, that’s right. Fuck me. Fuck your little Pet,” she shouted as she grabbed Hagrid’s hair. Then she kissed him and looked him straight in the eyes. “I want you to cum inside of me…I want to have your baby.”

Petunia had two orgasms in quick succession and before she knew it, Hagrid was spurting his hot cum into her eager womb.

As Hagrid was finishing up his last few thrusts, the bedroom door opened and Uncle Vernon stared at the strange tableau of a huge, hairy arse, bouncing before his eyes, on his own bed.

“What the devil…?” he shouted as his faced turned shades of violet.

Hagrid got off of Petunia and sat up on the bed. Vernon stared at his giant cock, dripping with Petunia’s pussy juices and Hagrid’s spunk.

Hagrid smiled and said, “I thought I smelled somethin’ burnin’. I guess it was Vernon.” Then he laughed at his rhyme.

Vernon looked at his cum-covered wife.


“Vernon? Oh no, you’re home early. It’s, uh, not what you think.”

At the moment though, Vernon was not thinking much, for he fell to the floor in a dead faint.

“Oh Rubeus, what do we do? I can’t loose him.”

“Not to worry love,” Hagrid said as he went over to his pants pocket. He searched a moment or two and then pulled out a small bag. “Memory wipe powder. Got it from some boys at the school. Works pretty well. We just add a bit of this to his drink, and he won’t remember a thing.”

Petunia quickly cleaned up the bedroom, showered, got dressed and went downstairs to make some more tea. Hagrid merely threw his clothes back on and carried Vernon down to the kitchen. He set Vernon in a chair and added a pinch of the magic powder to Vernon’s mug. Then he grabbed Petunia and kissed her.

As she showed him to the door, Hagrid put his hand on her stomach.

“If anything grows, send me an owl.”

Petunia shut the door behind him and closed her eyes, thinking about how wonderful it was to have him back. Then she remembered Vernon, who was starting to stir in the kitchen. Quickly she poured him some tea and gave it to him. Instinctively, as he awoke, he took a sip. For a moment, he relived the scene in the bedroom, but that faded away, as did him coming home, and basically everything that had happened to him since lunch. Petunia just assured him he was fine, but working too hard.

Meanwhile, Hagrid stuck out his thumb and BANG the Knight Bus stopped before him. After Hagrid climbed in, Stan stuck his head out the door and looked around.

“No more little ones? Tsk, tsk.”

And with a BANG, the bus was gone.
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